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Rhythm Pilates in Denver this February

Lisa Hubbard

by Amy De Sa

As a studio owner and teacher, it is very important to offer a variety of classes to accommodate many individual’s different needs and desires. Whether it be equipment classes, Pilates mat classes, balls and props mat classes, or barre and yoga classes that offer a fusion or complementary methods of exercise, Rhythm Pilates offers an opportunity to experience the Pilates Mat work with music. The exercises are performed rhythmically to create class routines that are fun and innovative, thus Rhythm Pilates! I am very excited to offer this new class to our clientele in the New Year! 

As Pilates professionals, it is critical to stay up to date with the most recent work, changes and research that continues to evolve in our industry. My role in this dynamic culture has been diverse in both business as a studio owner (Pilates Denver), hosting teacher training courses and in education as a Pilates teacher trainer (BASI Pilates Faculty) as well as teaching a numerous and varied clientele for two decades. I have experienced the growth, challenges and positive outcomes in the industry for over 20 years.

I am very thankful for each and every part of this journey as it has established a rewarding career path and has continued to stimulate my passion for learning, teaching and for helping others. I have the opportunity to help people improve their bodies, minds and well being, to teach and mentor students to have this same opportunity, to create a positive team work environment for my staff and a community for our clients, to create many meaningful relationships with clients, staff and colleagues and to continue to learn along the way.    

We are amazingly lucky to have such a gift to experience and to share!  

This Thanksgiving I give thanks to all in the community as we continue to learn, grow and share in our ongoing journey as Pilates and movement practitioners. 

Please join us February 6-7 for the Rhythm Pilates course to enhance your passion and to continue your journey!

Hope to see you!