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Behind the Scenes: Filming with Pilates Anytime

Lisa Hubbard

Being invited to be an instructor for Pilates Anytime is a profound highlight for me, not only professionally but personally as well. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my Pilates career could reach an all-time high. This of course includes my love and affinity for BASI Pilates, where I received my Pilates training and first met Kristi Cooper.
At Pilates Anytime, I am amongst A-list educators in the industry. Knowing that some of my classes are still on the leader board absolutely blows my mind! I am humbled and utterly grateful to be a part an incredible resource that anyone can access anywhere, anytime (with internet connection that is!). I embrace every moment that I get to teach at their perfectly situated studio, and work with an incredibly positive and talented team, all the while taking in the serenity of a very special place. This is undoubtedly the Pilates life! 
On my recent trip, we began at filming at 1:15pm and finished at 6:00pm sharp so that they could organize the studio for a mat class that was to arrive at 6:30pm sharp (keep in mind this is probably the busiest studio on the planet; it never sleeps). I filmed 4 classes on Monday. 

A mat class with props, new Rhythm Pilates material (yay! breakdown without music), Rhythm Pilates' 'Inner Goddess' with music (a yoga inspired workout), and lastly, an efficient 30-minute Reformer workout. Time-wise it was tight, but we managed to squeeze everything we planned in the day, well mostly. Honestly, I would have loved another hour, but I am beyond GRATEFUL to have filmed four additional classes!  

You may wonder what the most challenging aspect of filming a class might be. Well, it is an evolutionary process and I have decided that the mic works best on my arm, as opposed to my waist or hips, and that we have limited time. In some cases, we need a re-take for the logistics of a moving target. Because RP is sequenced choreography, it can be tricky because we're working with fixed cameras and our goal is to make it as 3-dimensional and seamless as possible for the viewer. We had one re-take for this particular RP class; which is not too shabby if you know what I mean. It wasn't as perfect as some of my rehearsals had gone, I tell the truth, but I will say, it wasn't all that bad, either!

The day ended with smiles, high-fives, white wine, ocean gazing, group photos, laughter and a fabulous meal, where the lovely Amy Havens hosted us.  

I want to thank Pilates Anytime for having me once again and to my dear friends and colleagues Alicia Head, Christine Baltes and Livi Kerszenbaum who all contributed to the new choreography. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! 

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