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Lisa Hubbard

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the hustle of traveling and changing up your daily routine can take a toll on your mind and body.  While traveling away to a new destination can be exciting and bring new memories, it is also important to keep the body strong because no one likes traveling with new aches & pains. Check out these tips to help you keep moving, feeling strong and not as overwhelmed and defeated when you return back to your regular workout schedule.

 Start moving before you buckle up!

Whether you are on a road trip or in a tiny cramped airport seat, you need to get the blood flowing before you sit for so many consecutive hours.  Prior to your travel time, make sure you are moving, walking through the airport. If there are stairs near your terminal (LAX has a few) try to make a few rounds going up and down a few times to get your heart rate up. 

Move according to your travel plans

Are you going to be doing a lot of sight seeing? Or will you be trying a lot of local cuisine? Try to pre-plan your workouts around what you’ll be doing and how much time you can realistically give to a workout. Check out one of my many PilatesAnytimeMat workouts you can do to keep you feeling strong and energized for your day.

 Bringing workout clothes & or using props

If you know you can commit to a workout in your hotel room, be sure to bring at least one workout outfit (suggested 1 outfit for every 3 days of travel. Higher intensity workouts may require more outfits). A great prop for travel include a Theraband or jump rope . Taking up virtually no space in a check-in bag or carry-on luggage and could be used for stretching as well as strength and resistance training. Grab yourself a new workout outfit from Carbon38 and use my code LISAPILATES for 15% off your first order!

 Using the hotel gym? Have a set routine in place

Sometimes in a new environment and a new gym, you may not have access to the regular equipment you typically have for your usual workout. Incorporating some type of cardio whether that be treadmill or elliptical is best after a long night of trying local cuisine. Most hotel gyms will have free weights, pull up my YouTube channel, grab your weights and you can workout with me!

 Check out classes in the area you will be visiting.

If you have trouble committing to workouts in your hotel room, try checking out a local workout class in the area you’ll be visiting! If you’re a member of ClassPass you can easily find a workout that fits your schedule in your area. Once you’ve booked the class, it’s always good to let the studio know you are visiting from out of town. Sending them a quick DM via Instagram or email, helps them better accommodate you before your session!