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Element Accelerated Pilates w/ Resistance Band DVD

Filmed in a lush garden overlooking the Pacific Ocean, these programs use the resistance band to increase intensity and emulate movements performed on the Pilates apparatus used in private studio sessions. The 30-minute total body routine can sculpt even the deepest muscles in a short amount of time by emphasizing the quality of repetitions, not the quantity. This fluid routine incorporates all muscle groups to produce a slimmer, stronger, and more toned body. The bonus 10-minute ab session provides extra focused work to help achieve a firm, flat midsection. These two programs are specifically designed to deliver accelerated results. Together they will stretch, strengthen and sculpt the whole body while improving balance, posture and flexibility.


I just purchased your two Pilates dvds (band and ball) and they’re the best videos I’ve ever bought! You not only give excellent cueing, but tell viewers benefit of exercises. I got great new workouts to add my my regime, as well as ideas to teach my students. I think you’re such a talented teacher. Thanks for making such great learning tools for students and teachers!
— Joanne Draper

Element Total Body Pilates w/ Mini Ball DVD

Filmed in a beautiful garden overlooking the Pacific Ocean, these two total body programs, staring Lisa Hubbard, use the mini ball to add additional resistance to exercises, activate underused muscle groups, and emulate movements performed on the Pilates apparatus used in private studio sessions.

The efficient 20-minute workout provides a complete and effective solution that fits any schedule. The 30 minute workout goes even deeper into toning muscle and redefining your shape. Both focus on core strength, flexibility, flattening the abs, narrowing the waist, toning the arms and legs, sculpting the glutes, and creating a strong, healthy back. With regular practice, these programs will strengthen and streamline your entire body, yielding a whole new feeling of vitality.


The Winner of’s 2012 ‘Readers’ Choice Award’ for “Best in Pilates” – Beginner Pilates DVD

The Winner of’s 2012 ‘Readers’ Choice Award’ for “Best in Pilates” – Beginner Pilates DVD

Lisa has been a true inspiration for us Pilates devotees. Most of us know her from her close colaboration with Rael Isacowitz and thereby her appearence in the BASI Pilates books and DVDs. With her Rhythm Pilates approach she has started to leave her own foot prints in the Pilates world. With the DVD Total Body Pilates with mini ball - Strengthen. streamline & redefine using the mini ball to sculpt a lean physique, she continues this path.

This DVD features 2 workouts, one 20 minutes and one 30 minutes. Both are filmed in a beautifull garden beside a swimming-pool. Lisa shows the entire sequence as a continuous flow, while the cueing is done out of the off (also Lisa). By not having to talk while she practices Lisa shows how to do the movement sequences in a good flow with the right mind set. With this you get a feeling how one should practice when you have internalized the exercises and are able to do it without the DVD.

Lisa’s verbal cueing during the exercises is first class and allows you to do the exercises even without looking at the TV (clearly you would need to have practiced before you can go to audio only).

The DVD comes in a box which includes a mini ball which you easily blow up with the included straw. The ball is pink (for me as a male maybe a bit funny) and very sturdy.

Lisa uses the mini ball throughout the entire workouts and mostly modifies Pilates mat exercises in a nice way. The ball offers a wider range of motion or an additional challenge for some of the classic exercises. All the ball modifications are done with purpose and a clear benefit in comparison to how you would do it without the ball.

During the workouts Lisa continuously offers modifications for the less advanced Pilates fans. But don’t fool yourself: Even if you are advanced this DVD will challenge you and give you a new muscle ache. Well done, Lisa!
— Reiner Grootenhuis