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Meet Rhythm Pilates Founder, Lisa Hubbard

Meet Rhythm Pilates Founder, Lisa Hubbard

Rhythm Pilates® is an evolutionary approach to the Pilates mat work that expands on the traditional Pilates method by infusing dance and yoga into whole body movement art sequences that are choreographed to music. Rhythm Pilates is an exciting fusion of Pilates, Yoga & Dance for the seasoned mover for a more invigorating experience. Read More

Rhythm Pilates has been amongst the top ten most popular classes on Pilates Anytime since it's release in September of 2010. Pilates Anytime invited Lisa to talk about Rhythm Pilates and its benefits. 

Rhythm Pilates is so uplifting it is infectious. What has surprised me the most is the diversity of ages and backgrounds that Rhythm  Pilates appeals to, together with the sheer joy etched on people's faces at the end of the routine. 

The music adds an intensity to every movement whilst at the same time helping with the actual execution. Changes in music portray the different characteristics within the work and the seamless transitions keep the pace and flow going so ensuring a full body workout.  

- Karen Hay, RP Instructor