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Interview with Katherine Slay

Lisa Hubbard

Tell us about a little about your background and how you discovered Pilates.

Up until I was 19 I had invested countless hours into a dancing career. The starving artist lifestyle got old quickly.  Feeling a little lost I attended and completed college and I did what any college graduate is supposed to do: I started working an 8-5 corporate job.  Two years into the rat race I was overweight, uninspired and miserable.  I started practicing Pilates as an anti-depressant and I became hooked.  What started out as a mental and physical rehab turned into a fulfilling career.  Ten years later I’m still drinking the Pilates Koolade.

Where did you receive your Pilates training? 

I am certified through Body Arts and Science (Rael Isacowitz), Power Pilates (Bob Liekens), the Power Pilates Teacher Trainer program (New York, NY).  I am also a certified member of Pilates Method Alliance.  

How long have you been teaching? 

10 years!!  So blessed.

Tell us where you teach.  

I have a handful of private clients that I teach out of their homes.  I also teach at Prana Pilates, Villa Pilates and Yoga, Yoga Works, and sub at Equinox.

What is your favorite Pilates exercise and why?

The Scorpion on the reformer! (photo pictured above)  It’s so cool!  I am still at the point in my own practice that I love living in the advanced work: “bringing the circus back!”  I’ve worked really hard to get there and I’m working hard to keep the advanced material alive in the teachers I am fortunate enough to work with.   

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

I dig blogging, music, books, photography, fashion and decor- anything that inspires me creatively.  I love to travel (I’ve been to 15 countries!), practice yoga, snowboard, and I’m recently addicted to running.  

Who has been one of the most influential persons in your journey of Pilates?  

Bob Liekens (New York).  He’s a true teacher’s teacher.  He is a wealth of information mixed with an approachable, humble personality.  Going though the Power Pilates Teacher Trainer program with him as one of my teacher’s really changed everything for me in the best of ways.  

What is your favorite song/food and drink?

Song?  I’m obsessed with music!  I don’t think I can narrow it down to one song but at the moment I’ve been drowning in a odd mixture of Atoms for Peace, the new Eminem album and Lana del Rey.    

Food/Drink? The skinny margaritas and just about anything on the menu at True Foods!  I love champagne, Maestros and any great steak house, and I’ve been seen at Mother’s Market juice bar on one or two occasions ;)


Katherine teaches a classical approach to Pilates mixed with love and humor to soften the edge.  With over 10 years teaching experience she teaches Pilates, yoga, flexibility/stretch for dancers and specialty workshops to teachers throughout the country. 

She’s a rebel, Pilates teacher/Teacher Trainer, blogger/writer, avid yogi/yoga teacher, dancer, GLAMAZON, Bulldog enthusiast, foodie, anatomy geek, and fashionista.